How to fix squeaky door hinges

How to fix squeaky door hinges

Posted on Apr 5, 2021

Squeaky door hinges; it’s a nuisance that can drive you crazy!

A pesky phenomenon that has been annoying the masses for centuries. Think about it, the general design of a door hinge has not changed since man first created a clever piece of hardware that allows a door to perform its function; swing, open and close.

But what causes door hinges to squeak and how to fix squeaky door hinges can be answered by first understanding the mechanics and properties of an ordinary door hinge.

Door hinges are typically made of steel or metal that consist of two flanges or wings that intersect at a pivot point that are joined together by a hinge pin. The hinge seam or knuckle is where the fingers of each flange fit together to form the complete hinge assembly.

All three parts, the two flanges and the hinge pin, are in direct contact with each other at all times. These areas of contact create friction between the parts when the door is exercised and over time will generate a harmonic, heard as a squeak.

This friction also generates fine particles of graphite that appears as black dust on and around the door hinge.

So, the question then becomes, what is the best way to stop the squeaks?

Well, the fundamental answer is to manage the friction. But how, and what method and product work best?

As mentioned, door hinges have been in existence for centuries and so have the squeaks. Over the generations, there have been a plethora of methods deployed and products used in an effort to silence the pesky squeaks, and it all “hinges” on the lubrication process.

The lubrication process can be broken down into two primary methods:

1. Removing hinge pins and lubricating the components

2. Externally lubricating the components with lubrication spray

Removing hinge pins is a great way to access the surfaces in which the friction occurs, however there are some drawbacks.

This method requires tools and time, which is usually the biggest deterrent for those afflicted with squeaky hinge syndrome.

Each hinge pin needs to be removed by using a hinge pin removal tool and a hammer, or a hammer and a tool punch or similar driver. A pair of plyers are often used to complete the pin extraction process from the top of the hinge assembly.

There are many products on the market such as oils and sprays that are suitable to lubricate hinge pins, including these home remedies:

  • Bar soap - Just rub it on your hinges until they are coated.
  • Petroleum jelly - Remove the pin from your hinge and cover it in petroleum jelly before reinserting.
  • Paraffin candles - Remove the pin from your hinges and rub hot wax onto it before reinserting.
  • Olive oil - Use a cotton swab to apply a little bit on top of your hinges.

The second method of lubrication is much simpler and time efficient, however it too has drawbacks.

External hinge lubrication is typically accomplished by spraying lubricant on and around the seams of a hinge. This is an effective way to rid the squeaks, however it can create unintended consequences.

If you consider the mechanics of spraying lubricant on a door hinge, the outcome may silence the squeak but at the same time create an oily mess. It is important to control the expelling lubricant to minimize oily overspray on doors, walls, trim and floors.

It is highly recommended to use a rag or paper towel to immediately clean up the overspray to avoid runs and drips that can find its way to flooring. If that happens, it can result in stains on carpeting and slippery, unsafe tile or hard surface flooring.

So, the old ways of lubricating door hinges pose certain challenges. Pulling hinge pins is time consuming and requires tools, and external spray lubrication is messy and unsafe.

However, there is a new product that effectively lubricates door hinges externally while containing the lubricant overspray and eliminating the mess.

Hinge Hero is an innovative, inexpensive tool that was specifically designed to quickly and easily rid most residential door hinges from pesky squeaks while eliminating the mess. This patented design solves an ordinary problem that has plagued the world for centuries.

Hinge Hero slides over the hinge knuckle, encasing and isolating the components that generate the squeaks.

The nozzle guide receives the spray lubricant nozzle, thereby directing the expelling stream between the hinge seams while containing the residual overspray.

A very simple tool that solves a very ordinary problem.

Hinge Hero can be found at most of your favorite online shopping venues and where door hinges are sold.

Squeaky door hinges can be a nuisance equal to nails on a chalkboard, but as we have explored, there are several options to consider when tackling this task.

No matter which method you select, be prepared to engage in this exercise on a reoccurring basis, as there is no permanent cure to fix squeaky door hinges.

Our friend friction has an appetite for lubricant and when its food supply has dried up, it will announce its hunger with a squeaky diatribe until fed once again.

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