How to Stop Squeaky Door Hinges

How to Stop Squeaky Door Hinges

Posted on Jun 17, 2021

Squeaky door hinges can be a nuisance that disrupt the peace in your home and leave you feeling annoyed every time you open the door to a room. Have you been wondering how to stop squeaky door hinges from ruining the peace and serenity in your home?

Luckily there are numerous simple solutions to return the quiet back to your space.

When a door makes a squeaking sound, it is most likely the result of friction in the hinge and a buildup of dirt or dust. Without proper lubrication, this squeak will only get worse as the metal parts of the hinge continues to rub together. With this being said, some solutions are more effective, cleaner and safer than others. Read more to find out the best way to stop squeaky door hinges.

Stop Squeaky Door Hinges with WD-40® and Hinge Hero®

One of the most effective solutions to stop squeaky door hinges is by applying a spray lubricant such as WD-40 to the hinge. This multi-use product can prevent rust and corrosion, stop squeaks, and penetrate stuck parts due to its water displacement properties and blend of lubricants. One quick spray of WD-40 on your squeaky door hinge will stop the squeak for extended periods of time.

While WD-40 is the most effective way to stop squeaky door hinges, the drip and spray leakage can damage your carpet, floor, or furniture if it is not properly protected with Hinge Hero. Using Hinge Hero is the simple and easy way to protect any excess lubricant from contacting surrounding areas.

You simply insert the Hinge Hero over your household door hinge, insert the nozzle of WD-40 and spray. Hinge Hero will contain excess liquid and trap it for easy disposal. This is the ultimate way to stop squeaky door hinges effectively, safely and without creating a mess. You should not apply WD-40 or any other spray lubricant without utilizing the protection of Hinge Hero if you want to ensure oil free surrounding surfaces.

DIY Solutions


Hairspray can temporarily relieve your squeaky door. Simply spray it onto the door hinge and it should prevent the hinges from rubbing together, as the polymers in the product hold the hinges in place, preventing them from loosening and squeaking. While hairspray can make the squeaking stop, this is not a long term solution to stop squeaky door hinges and can create a sticky mess.

Bar Soap

If the hinges on your door start to squeak and you are eager to relieve the sound quickly, you can take a bar of soap and simply rub it all over the hinges. Make sure the soap is not glycerin- based, so as to avoid rust over time. Once again, this is not a long term solution and will need further attention when the squeak returns.

Paraffin Wax

You can use an old candle or purchase paraffin wax to stop squeaky door hinges as well. Simply melt the wax in the microwave and then remove the hinge pin from the door. Pour the melted wax onto the pin and let it cool. Insert the pin back into the door hinge and check to see if the squeak is gone. This solution can be difficult because you need to be familiar with how to properly remove and re-attach the hinge pin. One coat may not be enough, and so the process could be time intensive to figure out the right amount of wax necessary to eliminate the noise.

The Best Solution: WD-40® and Hinge Hero®

While there are numerous ways to stop squeaky door hinges, utilizing WD-40 and Hinge Hero create the most effective combination. You deserve to be able to sneak into the kitchen for a late night snack without your door hinges giving you away!

Fix the annoying squeak on your door hinges today and purchase a WD-40 and Hinge Hero kit here!

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