What Causes a Squeaky Door Hinge and How to Silence the Squeak

What Causes a Squeaky Door Hinge and How to Silence the Squeak

Posted On May 25, 2021

Are squeaky door hinges ruining your midnight snack runs? Are they waking up your napping baby? Do you curse your doors every time you try to quietly leave the room?

Well, don’t let a squeaky door hinge ruin the tranquil ambiance in your home. You deserve to feel at peace in your abode without annoying squeaks coming from your door hinges. People often ask...what causes a squeaky door hinge anyway?

What Leads to a Squeaky Door Hinge?

If your door hinge starts to squeak, it is likely because a pin in the hinge is bent out of shape or the hinge screws are not tight enough. It is also possible that the door hinges are just too dirty to close quietly and require maintenance. The metal pieces in the door hinge slide over one another, and over time this constant friction can cause the irritating squeaking sound.

How Can I Fix a Squeaky Door Hinge at Home?

Luckily, fixing a squeaky door hinge can be done in a matter of minutes, and there are numerous solutions from simple DIYs, to expertly crafted products.

If you are in need of solving a squeaking door hinge and have the time and tools to do so, one product you can utilize is petroleum jelly. Simply tap the hinge pin out of the door with a hammer and awl and coat the pin in petroleum jelly before re-inserting it. This may leave a slimy residue on your door hinge, but it will silence the squeak.

You can use the same process with butter, olive oil, or paraffin wax from a candle to fix a squeaky door hinge. These solutions may work, however they require time and tools. You may also be left with a mess afterwards or some odd smelling hinges.

The Best Solution to Fix Squeaky Door Hinges: Hinge Hero®

The simplest, easiest, fastest and most efficient way to fix a squeaky door hinge is to apply a lubrication spray, such as WD-40 and utilize the protective powers of Hinge Hero. Hinge Hero is a patented tool that is easily inserted over most household door hinges. It catches and contains oily overspray that would otherwise be sprayed all over the door and trim during the spray lubrication process.

Hinge Hero also prevents the lubricant from dripping onto the floor, which can stain carpet and make hard surface flooring a slip hazard. Oil stains can be damaging to your home, so why risk it? Hinge Hero allows you to stop the squeak without the mess in a matter of seconds.

Hinge Hero was specifically designed to capture, contain, and properly dispose of the oil after silencing those squeaky door hinges. To purchase Hinge Hero and stop the squeaky door hinges without the mess in your home, click here to find our product on Amazon, and restore the peace and quiet to your doors! Hinge Hero is available as a stand alone product and also comes in a lubrication kit that includes a 3oz. Spray can of WD-40.

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